BM is a choice servicer and supplier of equipment users for all quality parts and accessories for material handling,
industrial vehicles and other equipment.
Irrespective of the brand, the type and the tear of construction of your material handling or industrial equipment machine,
BM always has the solution.
We understand that the success of our company only exists if we are a trusted source of products and service
which help you to be successful.

Strive to be "Total Source Solution Provider" That create value respond the needs of customers and related parties.  
  • One stop shop for parts and accessories port equipment.
  • More stock items and known references.
  • Experience in the business.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Service with willingness.
  • Engine Parts: Engine Assembly, Exhaust Systems, Piston, Piston Ring, Radiators, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Fuel Injection pump, Filters, ...
  • Hydraulic Parts: Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Hoses, Main Valve, Final Drive, Travel Motor, Swing Machinery, Swing Motor,Orbitrols, ...
  • Transmission Part: Transmission Pumps, Steering Axles, Gears, Redactors, Brakes, Brake Shoes, Cables, ...
  • Cab Parts: Steel And Canvas Cab, Controller, Wiring Harness, Seat, Door, Mirrors, ...
  • Cooling Parts: Radiator, Air Conditioner, Compressor, ...
  • Other Parts: Repair Kit, Swing Circle, Fuel Systems, Boom, Arm, Bucket, Chains, Types, Wheels, Castors, Electrical Control Systems, Electrical Supply, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Motors, Starters, Lubricants, ...

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